Life update

Hello my lovely chic ladies, recently I’ve been indulging myself in a lot of podcast, information, business tips, success stories etc. to the point I was like I need a few days to cleanse to mind. Then I tried overwhelming myself in to do list in regards to promoting my work on social media and that was a fail. But we all have our moments in life when we fail and I’ve learned to not let it bring me down. Tonight I was watch a TV special (masterclass) presenting Steve Harvey life; which is one of my favorite business leader and mentor. He stated that “you learn when you fail” ,which is probably life greatest teacher. But as for my blog I will start diversifying my blogs because i’m not just passionate on looking stylish but I also care about branding, business, learning languages, myself journey as a college student. I wanna share a little bit more about my life and just be more present on this platform. I want a sense of community because that what truly matters when we can learn from one another.


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