Foodie series: Healthy Casual Lunch In Florida Review

Healthy , Inexpensive, & Tasty

I’m a foodie at heart ♥

I’m always looking for cool and unique spots to eat breakfast, brunch and lunch in Florida. well I always have a hard time finding any in my area, when I’m scrolling through Instagram I see endless photos of casual cool spots to eat in Cali especially in L.A.  don’t get me wrong there are many nice restaurants in Florida but they are either fast food or formal expensive restaurants so I like to see that medium.

Fun fact about me:

I’m a sucker for nice photogenic products and candid places for example, I will buy a nice looking water bottle for more than 1.00 if it looks pretty.


Anyways, I know many of you guys do a lot of traveling and If you don’t I encourage you too especially if your young live it up! I found two casual restaurants in palm beach Florida One is at a museum with wonderful views (Morkiami Musuem); while the other is located nearby shopping centers (Keke’s Breakfast Cafe). Their menu prices are inexpensive and they serve good breakfast and lunch that makes you want to come back for more.

What’s The Vibe like?

Well, if your a chill individual then these two spots are a must. When I visited Morikami museum & Garden, I felt like I was in Japan and they have a beautiful trail walk displaying beautiful botanical flowers and the cafe sat high looking over the beautiful lake with panoramic view of the whole garden I just felt at awe and peaceful.

Morikami Musuem and Garden


Morikami Cafe
I ordered a crispy chicken w/ white rice and  while my bf in the back ordered teriyaki chicken w/soy sauce I believe.


Eating at Keke’s breakfast cafe is a nice casual place to relax in the morning and enjoy your pancake lol . It’s spacious and they play great coffee house music  and I know because I was day dreaming for like 10 minutes and I forgot that I had ordered my cranberry juice.

I went for lunch and I ordered an Italian chicken panini with pesto sauce and roasted red pepper with a side of salad & balsamic vinigeratte which I highly recommend!


Comment below your favorite food spot in Florida or anywhere else around the state, I would love to hear!


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