Tips to Drive Traffic to your free blog

how to drive traffic to your free blog

My story

When I first started my blog I had no clue how to grow my audience. I didn’t do any research I just uploaded some post with a few words and called it a day. Then I went back on and customize my theme hoping I would attract people to my site and that they would love me and want to be my friend. I lost motivation to continue with this blog because I felt like I was just a one in a million website pages waiting to be discovered. A few months later I listened to an online podcast that inspired me to not give up on my dreams  ever since then I’ve been progressing.

But enough of me

I know many of you guys in college are seeking a platform to display your talent or passion for something, but are having trouble knowing how to start an effective blog that will bring traffic. Their is so much information out their that is overwhelming and uses big terms that only a tech person would understand. leaving you frustrated and maybe even thinking about deleting your blog but dont! because as a college student myself I relate because I want to be able to display my passion without feeling lost. But i’m here to give you these simple tips to get your blog started now.

Understanding Word Press

Like many social media and apps today they have changed their algorithm to lessen your chance of growing your traffic to your site or page unless you pay them to sponsor your blog. Word press is a blog and a community, where you can create your platform or share your passion to your targeted. Think of word press like Tumblr where you shared the things you love with others.


1. Categorize your blog post

By creating a category for each post you won’t have to scroll for infinity to locate an older post that was posted a year or two ago. Everything will be organized and this also gives you the ability to create a new page/ tab that can be added on your menu.

2. Hashtag rule

When it comes to tagging on wordpress keep your tag names a bit general and not too specific instead of saying #foodloverinmiami  instead write  #foodlover #miami that way your post is being seen by everyone. Also, too much tags can actually hide your post from showing up so only tag up to 15 and nothing more. I know this because on one of my recent post I used 18 hashtag and I got 3 likes isn’t that sad!


For example let’s say you are writing about ‘how to style denim on denim’. your key words throughout your post should say “style denim” but don’t over do it because you want to it to flow naturally. Google will pick up the key word and your post will show on the search engine.

4. Add photos and videos

People want to see your face and hear your voice rather than read all the time because people buy people. your followers will lose interest if you are a ghost writer. If your using this blog to build your brand and you are shy of showing your self. Just remember that your not in front of a whole crowd speaking.

5. Engage Engage!

You know how I said people buy people well yeah your blog is helping you sell yourself. So I suggest when you get a like or a comment that you show gratitude and even like their pages or have a short conversation with them to get to know them. this is setting you apart from surface level bloggers.


If you don’t have the funds to promote your free blog, business or brand just remember It’s all about connecting with people and going out your way to cater to them. Start with the few followers you have then reach out to your community and be consistent and watch your traffic grow.

These were a few tips I wanted to share for any college students who wanted to learn about increasing their traffic to their blog. If you would like for more blogging, successful/goal setting advice feel free to subscribe to my blog and leave a comment I would love to hear from you!

Stay Young, Stylish & Successful ♥


10 thoughts on “Tips to Drive Traffic to your free blog

  1. Thanks for the tips! However, I do have one question: My blog has a category tab, as most of my posts are catered to life in your 20’s, advice, and post undergrad. But, I think I may be having trouble labeling the proper hashtags. It makes sense when I’m drafting, but like you said, tagging the proper words (the one’s that you use most often in your posts) are the words you should be tagging. Any suggestions on knowing what to hashtag?


    1. Hey Ambria, Thank you for reaching out to me with your questions. I checked out a few of your post you are not doing anything wrong when it comes to tagging key words related to your post. But I would suggest that you add about 15 general hashtags and every once in a while switch it up to reach a broader audience. If you really want to know what hashtags you should be using go on twitter or Instagram and see what hashtags are trending because that means it’s trending on the web and your blog post could be shown on google search engine. Email me at so we could figure this out together 🙂

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  2. Hello. Thanx for the tips. I will surely implement them. If you get the time would you please check out my short story “I OBSERVE”. If you like it please spread the word with your friends. Thank you. 😇


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