Basic SEO Method To optimize your blog

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Hello! I’m back with some new advice to optimize your blog

I know many of us are new bloggers to word press and unfortunately have to work with the limited settings that where given with our free plan. But I want to teach you a few thing you can do to optimize your blog that way your blog can be easily founded and  this will help you find your targeted audience and give you more motivation to want to create more content.

1.Use headings 1, 2, 3 to optimize on the search engine

When you begin to write your blog start the title with Heading 1 and write your other subtitles with heading 2 or 3 etc. google crawlers will easily read your key words in your title that way if someone is searching for a that certain phrase. Your article will pop up on the search engine.  Your tiles are a selling point that will drive in traffic to your blog.

2. Use external and Internal links

Internal link method: When your writing a post that is a series of something or it relates to an old post. paste all the links below as a reference for your readers to continue on reading. This creates a longer view time and let’s people see more of your content without having to wait for new post updates. For external links / backlinks is mentioning another website it could be simply posting a link to your favorite store etc.


3. write a 500 length post of good content

SEO recommends you write about 500 length of content anything below will make it hard for your post to be seen by google crawlers because this show a good worthy content that people can come in as source to their search. If you want to know how to write a 500 length post I suggest you plan out your talking points and elaborate into details that keeps your idea clear and concise.

4. Use a responsive design for your theme

A responsive design allows your page to load fast on any mobile device and it keeps the reader’s attention longer on your website.  Google has been on a hunt to erase unresponsive site that takes years to load. I suggest you pick a theme that is neat and simple. How you design your website plays a big role whether you keep your followers  or scare them away.

5. Make your website social media friendly

If by this time your growing a great number of followers who love your contents you want them to be able to share your work. This means you get more traffic from other people’s social media and as well as yours if you promote it too.

I hope you found this helpful and easy to follow along because being a blogger requires a lot of your attention or you won’t get any attention back just remember to be consistent and patient nothing happens over night.

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