Self worth/ Love

self worth/love

Self worth/ Love

This is not the usual step by step post on how to achieve self worth and love. I wanted to write about my thought on this subject. As I was sitting in my bed I was just completely in the zone like today I had a great productive morning. Everything I had set to do in regards to connecting with god, doing homework and I cooked myself a meal and was listening to a podcast etc. This was me learning to love my space and enjoy my company. Which is something I always do but today was different….

Different how?

I was thinking to myself how I was falling in love with myself in the sense that I know who I am and nobody defines me. I’ve spent so much time with myself I became friends with myself when nobody was around. I know that I don’t have a single close friend and some people might say it’s not healthy but it’s hard to find friends who are on the same mental level as me at my age.

Mental level what do you mean?

I mean ever since I was child I was raised maturely and I even envisioned my future and what I wanted and that’s all I focused on. Even when I was high school I didn’t make it a mission to have a big group of friends, to party, hang out with the wrong crowd etc. I’m not saying i’m better than any of them. And I know there young and they want to live their life. I’m not here to put them down I just wasn’t cut from the same cloth like all my fellow high school or college students. I’m always asking and researching how to create this better long term life for myself. some people might think your acting better than them or you have changed. In reality they don’t want to you to change, they want to see the same old person they met and it bothers them to see you grow and prosper. They really don’t want to see you win. If they come around when you making it its because they want to what you can give to them.

What’s My Point

  • Learn to enjoy your own company

Read a book, drink water & tea, meditate, watch your favorite TV show, discover your passion, write a blog, eat your fruits, work out, listen to music and the list goes on.

  • Don’t spend your energy and vibe on everybody

Make friends with positive influential people who wants to support you!

  • Learn as much as you can ..knowledge is power

What will set you apart from your friends is your knowledge it doesn’t have to be math, science or english. I could be learning languages, cultural news, entertainment world, buisness, sport etc. anything!

Today Vibe

Drake – Lose you


Remember to stay young, stylish & successful ♥


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