Chic Goals mission

What does it mean to be ….


We only live our 20’s once! Why not make the most of it. This is our building years the path we choose to take will determine our future. Being young means taking risk and even when we fail we can get back up and try again. Your building years is to build the life you want and have fun travel, learn,eat,love,dance etc just live!


“As a child I remember my parent’s explaining to me the importance of being fashion forward. They told me you never who you would cross path with it could be the president or your next boss. They also taught me that dressing nice will never reveal your financial status. Growing up in a low to middle income class family I didn’t want people knowing that I lived by governmental assistance. I didn’t want that to define me as a person because I am more than that. That’s why I want to you ladies to know how to look and dress expensive with a tight budget because we all can’t afford Yves saint Laurent or Chanel.”



Sometimes we could be distracted by the presence and we can forget to think about the future. Chic goals provides free advice and  tips that will help you move towards your goals and execute your dreams. chic goals mission is not to just motivate but to help you take actions so you feels what it’s like to succeed each step you take in life toward success. Yes success is vague and can be different for each and one of us but I know most of the time we mean to gain profit from our passion and that’s what I intend to help you do.


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