Founder of Chic Goals

fHello there! My name is Christina Francois

No I’m not french but I am Haitian – American. My parents were born in the beautiful island of Haiti. The first black nation to rule independence from the France. Hmm maybe I might be part french after all lol. Anyways the island is famous for a lot of creative artist and free thinkers. Couple years ago in class I took a left brain or right brain test. My results were that I am a right brain thinker.

Which explains why I had a love for art when I was younger, although I wasn’t a painter I did love sketching anything that appealed to my aesthetics. I was supposed to go to art school but everyone spoke of art as a dead career.

Anyways things changed as I grew older. In high school I became quite a bit of a book nerd I got A’s and B’s , I earned a 4 year scholarship. Do you Remember when I said we are free thinkers…well I became obsessed with language learning. I wanted to learn Spanish and french so I took four years of Spanish and now i’m quite conversational.  Then I started exploring my personal style and it changed a few time as soon as I got a job.

Sorry for telling you the boring parts about myself

Let’s have fun

Hmm my life isn’t perfect I rather spend hours in bed watching my favorite show scandal than do homework by the way i’m in college ..because of this show I want to explore fine wine lol. Also I’m a sucker for sitcoms and drama.

Other than that I enjoy a simple life which is inspired by my looks which is at the moment desperately changing to minimalism.

I love love traveling!  in the future I wish to study abroad and also vacation in Italy, France, Greece etc. just for fun, relaxing and enjoying culture. because of that I plan on majoring in international business.


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