how do I live a life i’m proud of in my 20’s?

Our roaring twenties

There is no complete answer to that question but one thing that you can do is follow your passion and dreams and I mean to actually take action on your dreams. Cause if we don’t our 20’s becomes meaningless and regretful. We no longer think of coolest party we’ve been to or when you went sky diving or you got dared to run your skateboard on the highway. you think about how you didn’t pursue your passion and that is when our life becomes a failures. Failure is only failure is when we don’t start.

We can only motivate ourselves so much but it’s not until we start do we truly begin to live. This is where many people think to themselves why does this person have all these great opportunities and I don’t , or how does she make six figures it because they started and never look back. Success is only Success if your consistent. I know your wondering what if people say no to your dreams just know this you can only get so many no’s before you get your one yes.

I’m a firm believer of Jesus and I want you to know that we all were born with a purpose and along the way god blesses us because your blessings will help other. For example if god blesses you with a multi million company it’s because he knows you can bless people with employment, create a scholarship fund, give back to the low income communities. No is one born without a purpose and god will guide your path along the way you just have to have faith.

Proverb 16:9

The heart of man plan his way

but the lord establish his steps.



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